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The Regulations of the Church and Nation Committee of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, including its list of responsiblities, were approved at the General Assembly of Australia held in September 2004 and are as follows:

1. Committee: There shall be a committee of the General Assembly known as the Church and Nation Committee dealing with social issues.

2. Membership: The membership of the Committee shall consist of a representative from each State’s corresponding committee.

3. Consultant Advisers: The Committee shall have discretion to co-opt qualified and gifted people to help with the Committee’s research work, preferably possessing a good knowledge of the scriptures and in sympathy with the teachings of the Church’s standards.

4. Convener: The Committee shall elect a Convener from amongst its own members.

5. Meetings: The Committee shall meet at least twice a year by the most cost-efficient and expedient means possible.

6. Responsibilities: The Committee’s responsibilities are:
(a) To ensure the detailed exchange of information regarding the activities of the corresponding state committees.
(b) To promote the optimum co-ordination of, and co-operation by, the corresponding state committees as they address issues of state, interstate, national, and international concern.
(c) To present reports to the General Assembly outlining the work undertaken, suggesting matters on which the Church take action, and recommending appropriate strategies for the Church to adopt as it addresses issues of significant national and international concern.
(d) To compose and issue statements, both at and between meetings of the General Assembly, containing pastoral advice, denominational policy/positions and/or considered opinion on issues of significant national and international concern.

7. Statements: Statements may be issued with the aims of:
(a) Equipping Church members and other Christians to make an informed contribution to the discussion/debate on issues concerning the nation’s life from a Christian, Biblical, reformed position.
(b) Informing government and other appropriate authorities of the Presbyterian Church’s approach to issues of significant interstate, national and international concern.
(c) Liaising with others of like mind in contributing to the discussion/debate on issues of significant interstate, national and international concern.
(d) Statements may be issued on the Church’s behalf either by the Moderator-General, the Convener, or jointly by the Moderator-General and the Convener.
(e) Such statements require authorisation by direct resolution of the General Assembly or between meetings by a majority of the Committee in which case the statements are formulated in consultation with the Moderator-General at his request or on the initiative of the Committee.